Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jeff the Brotherhood - 3/30 Great Scott

Jeff the Brotherhood played the Great Scott in Allston last night.  I was a last minute attendee and mostly relying on my friends recommendation.  I had heard a couple Jeff the Brotherhood songs, but not enough to really know them.  After the first two acts, who were terrible, I had pretty low hopes for the show.  Thankfully I was in store for one of the best shows of the year so far.

Jeff the Brotherhood are two brothers from Nashville who play what sounds like No Age x Pentagram x Kings of Leon.  If anyone is turned off by the Kings of Leon aspect of that last sentence, then you clearly have never been 18, drunk, and listening to Youth and Young Manhood for the first time.  The brotherhood has been together in some shape for past six years, but the last year has landed them a label and PR push.

Anyway, onto the show - it rocked.  For two guys they made a lot of noise, like more than I have heard in a long time.  I have seen No Age and they were nowhere near as loud as Jeff the Brotherhood.  The songs were uptempo and fun.  There was a mini-pit for most of the show - seemed to be pretty fun.  There was a stage diver - that was kind lame because the same four people held her the entire time.  Then the guitarist stage dove and played in the crowd for a while - that was the highlight of the night.  I will definitely have to check out more of the bands music because they were great.  They put on a hell of a live show and everyone should check them out.

This Guy was from one of the openers, I just really dug the photo


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