Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Alex Winston - Brighton Music Hall

Alex Winston is a new musician coming out of Michigan. Her song "Locomotive" is/was the number one video viewed on Pitchfork for a couple days. The Locomotive video is a hazy, sort of 80's video(watch below). On here debut album, her music comes of as vaguely electronic/blown out sound. Only vaguely though, I am having trouble coming up with the correct description for it. Live however, it is straight girl group-eque rocking goodness. While I did not totally love the album, I found the live show to be absolutely fantastic. Her band was tight, the back up singers harmonies were on point, and Winston was a total showman. Winston walked all over the stage and jumped into the crowd to dance with the audience. She should definitely be seen live, that is where the songs really come alive. You will find "Sister Wife" and "Locomotive" stuck in your head hours after the show. She played a new song or two, that were instantly able to be sung along too. I really can not say enough about her live show. I look forward to seeing her again and hearing more music from here. Check out more after the jump

Sister Wife by Alex Winston

Alex Winston "Locomotive" from Austin Peters on Vimeo.

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