Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Interview: Unouomedude

Birthday Party by unouomedude

Unouomedude is a one man band from Jacksonville creating hazy lo-fi indie pop that works perfectly for the spring days. The tunes have a great feeling nostalgia without ever losing forward momentum or becoming overly sentimental. Unouomedude is definitely one of my favorite new discovery's and I eagerly await new music from him. Check out the interview below:

What goes into making your tunes? You have a much cleaner sound than many of your peers, is that intentional? Do you have any plans to record/release more music in the near future?

I like the warmth of lo-fi aesthetics in some ways. I also like things that are really clean sounding. I don't have the equipment to make stuff super clean, but over time, I've learned how to record properly with what I have. I guess that's why there is kind of a more clean lo-fi aesthetic to my songs. I have some new releases planned for this year. I'm pretty sure I'll have some cleaner sounds and some lo-fi sounds, but I won't know it's done.

What are your inspirations? What artists do you look to when you make music? It sounds like the songs have some pretty specific inspirations behind them (Island Summer), is that true? I find your music to be an awesome mash up of some of the chill-er style music (neon indian, washed out) and more direct (wavves, male bonding).

I didn't really intentionally try to get inspired by other artists for 'Marsh'. The stuff I had been listening to before I started recording and the stuff I grew up listening to probably helped, but I didn't study it. I can understand comparisons though. I don't really even listen to most of the artists I get compared to. I have been studying some hip-hop lately because I've always splashed a little bit of hip-hop into my songs, I want to get better at it though.

Whats the jacksonville scene like? I am originally from southern florida, so I don't know much about jacksonville. Does it have a strong music scene?

There is kind of a music scene here, I'm not really involved in it though. I personally don't really like most of the bands here. There are some dope ones though like Rob Roy, Black Kids, SUNBEARS!, and some others that have escaped my mind. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Limp Bizkit, Yellowcard, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are probably the most popular bands from Jacksonville though, so yeah. I was actually the DJ at my homecoming and the drummer for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' mom gave me a free CD to play. I still have it. Never listened to it.

Any plans to tour over the summer or in the up coming months? Any chance you will come up to Boston

Hopefully I'll be touring sometime this year. I'll try my best to get to Boston. I'm looking forward to traveling.

What do you hope to accomplish with unouomedude? Like want to tour, release more records...

I really want to make a living off of making music. I make music for me, and I'll make music regardless of who is listening. I like it when people like my songs though, so I think its fun to share them. It would be awesome to make a living off of sharing the songs that I make. It almost doesn't make sense to me, but it makes a lot of sense at the same time.

Any plans to release a physical record? I am a vinyl guy so I always want new bands to release vinyl for my own fiendish ways

I've been talking to a few people who want to put out vinyl. I plan to put out some vinyl sometime, I'm not sure when though. I like giving out music for free, so I'm working on finding interesting ways to balance that with selling vinyl.

Do you skate? I find that lyric in Buildings to pretty catchy and specific to skating, so makes me think you do.

I used to skate, I haven't really skated in years though. I was never any good, I just fooled around and did pop shove-its and I'd grind on curbs. I've always been into and still am into watching skate videos and whatnot. The stuff in "Buildings" was mainly about stuff I did growing up.

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