Sunday, April 28, 2013

Theresa Andersson

I'm going to Jazzfest this week. If you are in New Orleans give me a shout.

Theresa Andersson plays May 2 - be sure to check her out!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Work Drugs

Don't listen to this song if you don't want it stuck in your head for a week. The sugar rush is incredible and it is the sort of thing you will be demanding is played at the bar. I could go into the guitar lines or the silly lyrics, but they are irrelevant compared to one essential fact - Work Drugs' have made the first truly essential song for the summer 2013.

Work Drugs new single "West Coast Slide" is from the upcoming album due outon Bobby Cahn Records.


Summer is almost here, so it is time to get jangly guitar pop ready for barbeques and warm days. Todays tune comes to us from Swimm. Swimm just released their debut EP, Feels. Feels is 6 tracks of poppy tropical shoegaze. It is the sound of chilling out after a day in the sun. Really good stuff that will only get better as the days get warmer. Check out tour dates after the jump!