Thursday, June 20, 2013


Temples are a new british psych band out of Midlands. They have a quintessentially british pastoral folk style, something vacuum sealed from the late 60's Pink Floyd. Where many bands use psych rock as a basis for heaviness, Temple keep a light touch to the songs. Instead of endless guitar shredding and noodling, these songs are relatively compact and efficient. A different kind of musical focus than Tame Impala or Black Mountain.

"Shelter Song" has a very mid-sixties Rolling Stones vibe. It reminds me in some ways of King Khan, except less amphetamized and degenerate. Its a very enjoyable slice of mod-psych pop, sort of like something you would hear on a Nuggets compilation. "Prisms" is very pastoral and country - think mid-period Kinks and you are headed in the right direction. "Shelter Song" is from the forth coming Shelter Song/Colours to Life 7" out July 23rd on Fat Possum Records

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

White Dove

White Dove are from LA. This is not readily apparent when you first listen to them since singer Alex Johnstone sounds a lot like Chan Marshall. However, the instrumentation is all southern Califronia. The Byrds and Fleetwood Mac are mentioned in the press materials and you can hear the Dave Trumfio (Grandaddy) influence over the song.

 Really, Grandaddy might be the best reference point for "Cold Mountain" the song starts off like it a simple folk tune, but evolves into something much druggier. Johnstone's voice has an opioid property to it - a la Chan Marshall or Victoria Legrand. As the song continues the drums, guitar strums, and slid guitar kick into high gear and make this song an anthem. Its the sort of tune that can soundtrack the end of a night or waking up the next morning. "Cold Mountain" is the first single off The Hoss, The Candle, out July 16 via RSRCH & DVLP.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

King Khan & the Shrines

At long last the man, the myth, the legend returns - KING KHAN & the SHRINES!!! Returning a full six years after What Is?!, King Khan picks right back up with Idle No More. If "Born to Die", the first single, is any indication this will be another rocking, rolling, hip shaking good time. Can not wait to hear the rest of it. From the album Idle No More, out September 3, 2013 on Merge Records. Tour Dates after the jump!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

John Tejada x Halocyan

It's a summer Friday, so its time to start posting some mixes. Every Friday from here on out, a new mix will be posted to help get your weekend started properly. Kicking it off this week is LA techno god head John Tejada. This mix comes courtesy of the good people at Halocyan and it is exactly as excellent as you would expect. The mix has a great blend of old & new, house & techno. Basically it is exact what you need for a Friday night - minus the scotch and soda.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Arthur Beatrice

There are arguments about what makes a great dance song. For some its the drums, others its having a good vocal hook. To me - its the paino. Get a couple chords and the rest will work itself out. Larry Levan knew that.

Arthur Beatrice do not make anything close to house music, but there is something about "Carter (Cut)" that makes me think of warehouse parties and discos. Its certainly the paino line and how that song could easily be stretched into a 10 minute dance track and I would totally be good with it. Wonder if we can get Lindstøm to do it. From the forthcoming Carter EP, single now available.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Do you like heavy tunes? Of course you do! Heliotropes latest cut "Quatto/Joy Unfolds" is straight low end thickness. The best way to describe it is what you would imagine a baby between Queens of the Stone Age and Warpaint would sound like.

"Quatto" is a slower grimey song taking a minute to kick into high gear and then rapidly dropping back to a slow chug. When they want to (around 3.51 of "Quatto") these guys can play some absolutely fantastic stoned on the road guitar chug.

 "Psalms" is a cut of straight heavy guitar boogie. This one is a more straight a head go-go tune. It's definitely a song that needs to be played while driving in empty areas for maximum effect.

 Heliotropes' debut album, A Constant Sea, comes out on June 18th through Manimal Vinyl.