Saturday, June 1, 2013


Do you like heavy tunes? Of course you do! Heliotropes latest cut "Quatto/Joy Unfolds" is straight low end thickness. The best way to describe it is what you would imagine a baby between Queens of the Stone Age and Warpaint would sound like.

"Quatto" is a slower grimey song taking a minute to kick into high gear and then rapidly dropping back to a slow chug. When they want to (around 3.51 of "Quatto") these guys can play some absolutely fantastic stoned on the road guitar chug.

 "Psalms" is a cut of straight heavy guitar boogie. This one is a more straight a head go-go tune. It's definitely a song that needs to be played while driving in empty areas for maximum effect.

 Heliotropes' debut album, A Constant Sea, comes out on June 18th through Manimal Vinyl.

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