Wednesday, June 19, 2013

White Dove

White Dove are from LA. This is not readily apparent when you first listen to them since singer Alex Johnstone sounds a lot like Chan Marshall. However, the instrumentation is all southern Califronia. The Byrds and Fleetwood Mac are mentioned in the press materials and you can hear the Dave Trumfio (Grandaddy) influence over the song.

 Really, Grandaddy might be the best reference point for "Cold Mountain" the song starts off like it a simple folk tune, but evolves into something much druggier. Johnstone's voice has an opioid property to it - a la Chan Marshall or Victoria Legrand. As the song continues the drums, guitar strums, and slid guitar kick into high gear and make this song an anthem. Its the sort of tune that can soundtrack the end of a night or waking up the next morning. "Cold Mountain" is the first single off The Hoss, The Candle, out July 16 via RSRCH & DVLP.

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