Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mainey Wilson Interview

    Walk Away by MaineyWilson

Mainey Wilson is a new project from Elizabeth Jeanette and Ike Owens, of Mars Volta/Free Moral Agent fameThe project has a distinctly soulful psychedelic sound that is automatically recognizable.  This is the sound of two friends having fun and creating powerful music.  Below they discuss the inspiration of the EP and what the future has in store for Mainey Wilson.
So how did this project start? I am fan of both Mars Volta and Free Moral Agents, so Ikey Owens involvement definitely intrigued me. However, this is totally different from either project, not that its at all a bad thing!

Ikey: I met mainey thru a mutual friend and we mimed started writing. it was really easy

Liz: Yeah I remember when first talked on the phone, the conversation was about the music we were into. We liked a lot of the same stuff so I knew this was going be fun.

The songs have a very cool feel of both being very organic and soulful, but also very psychedelic and spacey, how was that created?  Was that intention when you all started recording?  I love how strong and powerful the vocals are.  They are right up front in the mix, but are held back at the perfect moment during the song.  Not really a question, just felt like saying it.

Liz: On the first track we worked on I shot completely from the hip. Working in that way was new and incredibly freeing for me. I agree with Ikey though about wanting creating something soulful, weird and beautiful.

Ikey: I really wanted to make a very psychedelic record. i've always felt that soul/neo soul/blk music in general has been way too square for way too long. i really wanted to make a soul record that was truly weird and beautiful

What were your influences on this record?  I hear a bunch of different things simultaneously.  I definitely get an Alice Coltrane vibe, classic soul type - Betty Davis maybe, but then also groups like Free the Robots and the Crosby/Low End Theory crew.

Ikey: I was in a heavy sly stone period during this record and i was also really into the las mia doi todd record at the time. the vocals on mia's last record were so close and dry. i really wanted to have that feeling on this record.

Liz: I was really into Funkadelic, Can, and Phoebe Snow at the time. I got the chance to play around with different vocal harmonies and styles.

What are the plans for Mainey Wilson?  I heard that there is a new album coming out, when can we expect that?  Any plans to tour this summer?

Ikey: We have no plans to tour right now. I'd like to make another record this year

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