Friday, March 25, 2011

Big Boi at House of Blues 3/24

  Big Boi- Shutterbugg by darkbloom

Last night Big Boi, one half of Outkast, performed at House of Blues for BU Scarlett Fever Spring concert.  I heard there were 1200 tickets available and they sold 400, and from the look of the crowd about 300 showed up.  This is unfortunate, but not unexpected.  Most of my friends didn't know the show was happening and House of Blues pretty well sucks.  The security guards are jerks, they monitor you like hawks, and the beer is obscenely expensive even for PBR.  Whatever, its Scarlett Fever, its Big Boi, I am going. 

With all this out of the way, the actual performance was fantastic.  Big Boi was energetic and fun.  He performed all his hits without much ego.  He played a half dozen outkast songs, half dozen originals, and finished the show off with Kryptonite.  His DJ put up a premade tape for his show, which had Big Boi's video part for most of the songs.  I had forgotten how funky and colorful old Outkast videos were.   Blackowned C-Bone, Big Boi's hypeman, was funny and very energetic.  Really you could not ask for more from Big Boi, you could have asked for a lot more from the BU students and HoB considering how fantastic the show was.  More photos after the jump!

DJ Swiff
Blackowned C-Bones and Freaky White Girl

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