Friday, June 24, 2011

If there ever was a Noise Verse Noise show

Please Please Please, do not email me for free tickets.  I do not have any.  I stole this from a Bowery Boston email.  The early show is kind of a surprise, but it should be pretty awesome.  All ages are always a lot of fun as well.  Look at that lineup - Iceage, Jeff the Brotherhood, and Fucked Up - current owners of best album of the year.  Actually, all three bands have released absolutely incredible albums this year.  I think this might be Iceage's first or maybe second American show ever - so lets show these boys how Boston does shows!  I am going to do a review of Iceage's debut early next week.  Anyway, hope to see you all there!

  iceage - White Rune by What's Your Rupture?

  Jeff the brotherhood - Heavy Krishna by artistadvocacy

  Fucked Up - Queen Of Hearts by snipelondon

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