Monday, June 27, 2011

Iceage/Jeff the Brotherhood/Fucked Up @ Royale June 24

Jeff the Brotherhood

Fucked Up

Wow. This was an absolutely incredible show. Every band brought it and took it to another level. Really a shame that I could only experience this one time. I would love to go to this show over and over again. The only complaint is that all I have are blurry photos from the show. This is the last time I am going to bring my pos Camera, but with the number of stage divers I am glad I didn't have the nice camera with me. Anyway, a more detailed description after the jump.

Iceage started the show off and they were pretty good. For a bunch of 16 and 17 year old kids and having it be their first or second show in America, I was sufficiently impressed. The vocals were a little less intense and up front than on the record, but still strong. The songs really come alive during a show. They also sound much more punk live than they do on the record.  These guys are deffinitely promising and worth checking out.


Jeff the Brotherhood.  What can I say about them, that I haven't already.  These guys rock and bring the funk.  My friend from Nashville went with me to the show and he hadn't heard of them before.  Before they started he was worried they would be hipster bullshit.  One song in he was a fan.  Two songs in, he was moshing and declaring his love for them.  They seriously are that good live.  If they come to your town, be sure to see them.  They are worth seeing anytime they roll through - only a select few bands are like that.  These bands include Titus Andronicus, Ted Leo, The Thermals, Spoon, the Hold Steady and Fucked Up.

I had not seen Fucked Up before this show.  I love them, but somehow had not made it to a show.  So, my expectations for this show were incredibly high.  Somehow, they were able to surpass every expecation.  Damien running around the crowd hugging and moshing with everyone was incredible.  The band sounded tight and in control of every element.  The song selection was perfection - everything I wanted to hear plus a cover of "Nervous Breakdown" to close the show.  It was one of those rare nights where everything sunk up into perfection.  The number of stage divers was staggering - though fuck you to the ass wearing spurs and docs, that sucked. 

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