Friday, May 20, 2011


Nytt Paa Nytt by Razika

Razika are a group of four 19 year old girls from Norway, apparently there is a Scandanvian thing going on at NvN this week.  They make music that is equal parts pop, ska, girl group, and about a dozen sub-genres.  They remind me a lot of the Long Blondes for some reason.  I have not heard a lot about Razika, but man they are so freakin good. The song "Nytt Paa Nytt" sounds like The Specials if they were fronted by Robyn.  Their debut album, Program 91, is coming out August 19th on Smalltown Supersound.  More songs and Program 91 track list after the jump!

Vondt I Hjertet by Razika

Taste My Dream by Razika

Program 91 Tracklisting
1. Youth
2. Why Have We To Wait
3. Vondt I Hjertet
4. Taste My Dream
5. Aldri
6. Nytt Pa Nytt
7. Eg vetsje riktig
8. Walk In The Park
9. Above All
10. Hvem skal tro på deg na
11. Middelalder 

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