Friday, May 6, 2011

King Tuff

In a world full of musical oddities, King Tuff is unique.  You take parts of garage rock, 70's glam, and acoustic folk, stir together with huge personality and bake it to create King Tuff. I first heard about King Tuff a year ago when I visited Burger Records in Fullerton.  The owner of the shop said that King Tuff was his favorite cassette that they had released.  Despite this awesome recommendation, I didn't listen to it that much.  Then King Tuff released a new song this week with Scion.  Well now I am a big fan.  "Hands" is the kind of awesome 70's garage/glam rock that is perfect for summer road trips and summer festivals.

King Tuff - Hands by ScionAV

King Tuff - Sun Medallion by butterface

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