Friday, April 29, 2011

Tame Impala and Yuck

Last night I saw Tame Impala and Yuck at Paradise last night.  It was a great guitar rock show.  Displaying two different, but compatible band sounds.

  Rubber by Yuck

Yuck was the first band I saw.  They have been a band that I had been meaning to check out, but thus far hadn't heard.  They put on a nice indie rock style show, kind of like Yo La Tengo.  The faster songs I really enjoyed.  The slower numbers were okay, but probably would be better if I knew them before hand.  Totally am going to get their album soon.

  Tame Impala - Solitude Is Bliss by earhornmusic

Tame Impala was incredible.  Their jammy style really worked in Paradise.  The crowd was totally into it.  The bands slowly evolved into each other, which is exactly what I wanted.  When they played "Solitude is Bliss" everyone went nuts.  I loved it when they played a cover of Massive Attack's "Angel".  Really wish I had seen them at Coachella, but this more than makes up for it.

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