Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Airborne Toxic Event - All At Once

The Airborne Toxic Event are releasing their sophomore album, All At Once, today.  It is streaming for free here.

The album is shockingly cohesive and well done.  I liked the first Airborne Toxic Event EP pretty well, but found the debut album little too grandiose for my taste.  All At Once seems to marry the best aspects of the first EP's and the debut into a more cohesive album.  Songs like "Changing", "Numb" and "Doesn't Mean a Thing" are propulsive and well done.  I can see all of these songs becoming big songs on your local rock radio station.  Unfortunately, the band still tries to be a little too grandiose and too big.  They clearly want to be the next big thing, not necessarily a bad thing, but it leads to songs like "The Kids Are Ready to Die". "The Kids" damn near kills the album because of the total lose of momentum.  Slower, ballad-esque songs are clearly not the bands forte, but the first half of the album is killer.  The album quickly regains momentum and possibly even peaks with "Strange Girl".  While not a classic, All At Once is a solid and unexpectedly good follow up from the Airborne Toxic Event, that proves they are not an indie one hit wonder.

Strange Girl by The Airborne Toxic Event

Numb by The Airborne Toxic Event

Changing by The Airborne Toxic Event

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