Monday, April 25, 2011

Road Warrior Tour at Paradise - 4/24

The Road Warrior Tour is Mary Anne Hobbs current US tour. Last night she, Lorn, Take, and Mike Slott all played the Paradise rock club. I don't think the Paradise was ready to meditate on bass weight. 

The first performer was Mike Slott. Mike Slott has been profiled here before, but just as a refresher he is from Ireland and makes very glitchy, Brainfeeder-esque beats. His set took a minute to kick off, but when it did look out. Slott's set was probably the most challenging to dance to, but also went the most unexpected directions. The woozy, dusty, almost psychedelic style is perfect entry for the show. I thought he have had the second best set of the night, high praise considering how good all of the sets were.

Take was up next and he delivered. I saw his set out in Coachella and really enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to this. His style of electronic/glitchy hip hop is distinctly LA. It has universal appeal, but to me it is the sound of Los Angeles. Take got the crowd moving effortlessly and mixed in some great artists works. I know I heard Dilla and I am pretty sure he also mixed in Nosaj Thing and FlyLo. When I saw him before he mixed in FlyLo and the crowd went nuts. I think if you want a sure fire way to get the crowd moving mixing Dill and FlyLo are safe bets.

Lorn was next and much like with Coachella - I enjoyed his set, but was not blown away. His hard electronic, almost IDM style works quite well, but does not capture me quite the way Mike Slott or Take did. He also had the unfortunate position to play before Mary Anne. Playing with almost no lights on certainly perpetuated the feeling of darkness and gigantic-ness created by the music.  By the end of his set he had everyone in the crowd moving and shaking which was cool. There was plenty of the classic dubstep dance going on.

Mary Anne Hobbs is the queen of the dubstep scene. The fact that she discovered or at least championed Skream, Digital Mystikz, Kode 9, Burial, Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Joker, Joy Orbison to mainstream artists cements her place in history. The fact she puts on a fantastic live show and gets everyone in a great mood and moving makes her a legend.  I wish I knew more of the songs she played because they were all so good.  I only recognized Joy Orbisons "Hyph Mngo" and a remix of Collie Buddz "Come Around".  Regardless the show was fantastic and I loved it when she jumped into the crowd clearly ecstatic. 

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