Thursday, September 8, 2011

The New Division

  Shallow Play by The New Division

  Opium by The New Division

The New Division are a band out of Los Angeles that specialize in that 80's electronic/chillwave sound.  They have the keyboard lines and reverb soaked vocals of classic Depeche Mode or Erasure songs.  You can clearly hear those bands influence on The New Division, but N.D. never come off as copy cats.  They stand out due to strong song writing and creating engrossing soundscapes.  Their newest track "Shallow Play" should appeal to any who is a fan of either Small Black or Joy Division.  It has a very beach-y guitar line, but maintains a driving drum pattern. I personally think that "Opium" is their best track. It has a hypnotic and narcotic sound, that I can just not get enough of.

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