Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Campfire Headphase: Ellie Herring

Ellie Herring is a young producer out of Lexington, KY via Brooklyn and Tennessee. She makes bass driven tunes with ambient synths washing over the track and hushed vocals. Her music is an equal mix of artists like Sacred Bones, Brainfeeder and lots of synth. The way synths interacting with hushed vocals are definitely reminiscent of some Nosaj Thing tracks. "Died to Meet You" tones and darker production remind me in a lot of ways of a beat and bass driven Zola Jesus.

Her remix of Mos Def's "Universal Magnetic" is one of the best hip hop remixes I have heard in a long time. Interestingly, she choose to keep the vocals lively and in the front of the mix. She could have slowed them down and buried them behind the creepy and ghostly remix backing beat, but I think Mos' energy actually accentuates the fogginess of the remix.

Ellie Herring is definitely a producer on the rise and some one to keep an eye on. She is creating a style of American gothic beats that have not been developed before.

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