Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cold Love

  Ready by Cold Love

  Velvet Veins by Cold Love

Dark and droney.  This is definitely the sort of music that goes well with fall or late at night.  Cold Love is a new project out of Oakland.  I do not know much info about them, however I learned about them from Blackbird Blackbird.  If it were this time last year, I am sure they would have gotten the "witchhouse"/"drag" label - I always thought those were stupid names.  All that matters is that these songs should be played late night in a car.  "Ready" sounds like you are being drowned in hot bubbling tar (I mean that in the most sincere and positive way possible).  "Velvet Veins" has a footwork/juke vibe, if it were done by Zola Jesus.  Both tracks are very strong and I am excited to hear whats next for the band - I know they were looking to do some remix work.

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