Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Campfire Headphase: Kelly Pavan

  Steaming With Audrey by Kelly Pavan

Kelly Pavan is a beat maker out of France.  His style is initially very reminiscent of the LA brainfeeder crew - specifically the more accessible Gaslamp Killer mixed with Dam-FunK.  Yet, the more you listen, to more you hear the subtleties of his tunes.  "Steaming with Audrey" is a serious banger with a great middle break down and the accordion synths that I love.  I am sitting her bobbing a long like a lunatic - the dude has skills.

  Backward, AfterMath & Whatever by Kelly Pavan

Clearly, Kelly Pavan is an omnivore.  The man has consumed the bests of dusty vinyl, glitch beats, chill wave, and more - turning it into one mega mash of beat goodness.  He is the kind of producer who inspires others to start making music.  I really can not say enough positives about the man.

  Licking My Pink Dream by Kelly Pavan

Kelly Pavan is actually the reason behind the Campfire Headphase. He emailed me some tracks and I didn't want to just put it out as a general post.  So be sure to thank him if you enjoy the new column.

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