Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tobacco/Black Moth Super Rainbow

Recently, I have been listening to a lot of Tobacco and Black Moth Super Rainbow.  So, I was pumped when I saw that not only are they back, but also touring and coming to Boston.  I am not as big a fan of Tobacco's solo work as I am of B.M.S.R.  However, the two Tobacco tracks on the bands soundcloud are fantastic. They have that perfect acid crunch beat.  "Streaker" is heavier than just about anything you will hear this year.  "Heavy Makeup" is a little less heavy and has that almost disco beat that Black Moth does so well.  Anyway, check out the tracks, Tour dates after the jump, Get Excited!

september 7, 2011 @ beachland ballroom cleveland, oh
september 8, 2011 @ metro chicago, il 
september 9, 2011 @ majestic theatre madison, wi
september 10, 2011 @ turf club minneapolis, mn
september 12, 2011 @ firebird st louis, mo
september 13, 2011 @ exit in nashville, tn
september 14, 2011 @ masquerade (hell stage) atlanta, ga
september 16, 2011 @ grey eagle tavern asheville, nc
september 17, 2011 @ cosmic charlie's lexington, ky
september 19, 2011 @ ottobarbaltimore, md
september 20, 2011 @ first unitarian church philadelphia, pa
september 22, 2011 @ lpr new york, ny
september 23, 2011 @ the bell house brooklyn, ny
september 24, 2011 @ brighton music hall boston, ma

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