Monday, July 4, 2011

A Couple Bands I Missed

It's slightly more than halfway through the year and its time to do some recap stuff this week.  First, I want to highlight a couple of bands who have sent me new material that I have meant to post, but ended up getting lost in the shuffle:
  • Bwedge - Shrunken Head:  Bwedge is a one man tropical/Florida pop project by Tim Peacock.  I was sent the album forever ago and kept having it be the next thing I am going to write about.  Shrunken Head is an album full of warm pop hooks and distant memories.  Definitely worth checking out for a summer evening.
  • Adoptahighway - Chances, Circumstances, Conditions:  This is an electronic project by Barry Paul Clark coming out of Milwaukee.  I have no idea if Milwaukee has the same kind of electronic music tradition that other Midwestern cities have, but this project is awesome.
  • Grushenka is a band from Barcelona.  They make tropical sounding music.  I don't know much about them, but they sent me a pretty cool music video which you can see below.  
    Check out songs and videos after the jump.  Apologies again for taking so long, but thank you and please keep sending me new music!
    Neighborhood Rhythm For Basement Apartment by adoptahighway

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