Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weekly Special: Delorean

Below is the first weekly special with Delorean. Weekly special will promote more established emerging artists. Delorean are a great band from Spain. They mix dance music, pop music, and sunshine together to put out some of the best music of the past year.

How does it feel to be a band on the rise? You have been write about extensively on by the online music blog scene, but the band is now being written about in New York Times and other mainstream press. That must feel pretty incredible. Hopefully, it will contribute to bigger venues. You are touring with Miike Snow right now, how are those shows going?

Well, I think is to early to mesure things, like the New York Times review. We kind of don't trust big rises because we've always grown step by step, slow but steady. It is very true that we never got this attention before so i guess we could say that there's been some sort of jump in the last year but still, we kind of feel there's tons of work to do and that we'll achieve our goals working day by day. It's nice to get attention though and we're very happy with that. I'd say we're in a very nice position, surrounded by friends with whom we can work and grow together. The tour with Miike Snow's being very positive. It's nice to get to so many people and to play in great venues, plus we have a very nice relationship with them.

How are shows in America different from shows in Spain? How are shows in Spain different from the rest of Europe? I am sure you have had to answer this a million times, but for me the dream was always to be in a band that could one day tour Europe. I imagine that kids in Europe have similar dreams to one day tour America.

In Spain we're kind of a settled band and shows are quite different. I like touring the US better than Europe actually. And yes we've grown up with the wish to tour US someday. Europe's cooler in terms of venues, nice PAs and some sort of order that makes things go easy. Shows it the US (excepting big venues) are more a "save yourself" kind of thing, sometimes you're like "who's in charge here?!", but it's fun and nice too, kind of charming.

What are your influences as a band? In your music you get traces of psychedelia, reggae, and certainly dance music, but there is also a lot of pop music. Delorean songs have a sound and style that make me think they could be played on the cool radio stations, unfortunately these are lacking and we get Justin Bieber instead.

I don't really know what the influences are for us. Well, actually i do and i could make a huge list too. Delorean started when we got rid off all the musical rules or genre expectations. What I think it's been a constant is dance music as some sort of background. Our music is not dance music but it's based on a lot of its criterions. On top of that we want to make nice pop songs that are both inmediate and uplifting. If playing our songs in a radio station means honestly reaching more people then it's perfect.

What can we expect from the new album? The first single/song I have heard from the album "Stay Close" has even more of a classic dance feel, the song is awesome - can we expect more of the same for the album? How did the album come together? Was it a difficult recording while touring?

Stay Close pretty much condenses the idea of the album. The songs are different from one another but the feeling's there, it's kind of the theme to the album. The album was written between January and June 2009. We wrote a lot of songs but we actually finished 9 songs that we recorded in July at the Montreal Studios with Hans Kruger and mixed it during the Summer/Autumm 2009 with Chris Coady. We would only do weekend shows while recording the album but we did a lot of remixes besides the album and we worked hard for 8 months. It was hardworking but not difficult, and in general terms i'd say we've loved working in the studio every single day for 8 months and having this intense working experience, it gives you a perspective of what the proces writing music can be like.

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