Monday, April 12, 2010


Teebs produces great dubbed out beats. These are the sounds of 3 am Saturday nights. I can not wait for this full length to drop!

How was the Kode 9 show? I saw that you were playing with Kode 9 and Dr. Strangeloop. It looked like that show was epic.

The brainfeeder show a bit ago was wooooow. amazing line up. so many inspiring people in one place. the energy was so high even before the show planets aligning or something.

What inspires you to make music? I have read that FlyLo is very influenced by his family and that Strangeloop seems to try and create the sounds he sees. Your sound is similar to theirs, but still retains its own unique identity. I know that you teamed up with Jackhigh, how did that come about? Are there any other releases on the horizon? Do you prefer to play producer or DJ?

a lot of things are inspirational to me...could be anything but i feel as though i make music because i love the way it feels when your making it. You get to enter a place and when you leave you bring back a part of it into the sound

jackhigh and i got together by mutual friends 1000names and we just started making tunes together from there. Yeah theres some compilation stuff coming and also my first LP for Brainfeeder.

between playing music producing or djin...i dig them all. It just depends on what mood im in i suppose.

You are a becoming a well known artist around LA, which came first music or art? To me your art and music are complimentary. The patterns and colors you use are what I imagine what the sounds would look like if it were a painting. Who are your influences in painting? Which do you prefer to do or do you find both equally satisfying just in different ways?

painting n drawing came first...and my influences are always changing there too. Lately ive caught myself eying twomblys stuff...or even just random kid drawings.

and i love doing both music n art...they kind of hit in waves due to work loads or just feeling but i go back n forth not painting for a while and thinkin of new things while i make tunes, or vice versa

I have read you are a skateboarder, is this true? Do you have any particular areas or styles you like to skate? I am a pretty awful skater, but have always found just cruising around the city on a board to be a lot of fun. A new natural rhythm develops as you push around and you start to see life in a different way. Has skateboarding influenced your music? I am currently listening to sunrise remedy and can imagine it being used for a skate/snowboard video.

yeah i enjoy skating a lot..i dont have as much time to do it though these days but its definitely always in the trunk of my car when opportunity strikes.

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