Thursday, April 29, 2010

Live Music Extravaganza pt. 1

Okay so I have been meaning to get all of these up on here for over two weeks now. School got in the way. Anyway here are a combo of pics from Dan Deacon, Ted Leo, and Coachella. I saw all this in the span of about a week and half. It was pretty crazy. Here is the first part: Dan Deacon and Ted Leo

Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon was fun. The whole crowd was one giant mass of positive energy and sweat. I think it may have been the gin that Elliott and I had before we got there, but we didn't even mind the opening bands. Dan Deacon is kinda what happens when you allow hyper-active five year olds to play with synths on a sugar high. I mean that in the best possible way. Dan was nothing but manic positive energy.

Ted Leo/Screaming Females/Obits

The Screaming Females and Obits opened for Ted Leo at Paradise Rock club. Elliott said the show wasn't quite as good as the Ted Leo/Titus Andronicus show, but he did fall in love with the Screaming Females lead singer. The Screaming Females were awesome. Tons of energy, hooky songs, and a great mix of Sleater-Kinney girl rock with Superchunk slacker style. I highly recommend checking out the NVN interview with them.

Ted Leo's live show is famous for a reason: consistency. I have seen him twice this year, each time he has played at least 20 songs. At BU Central he even joked when we booed he had to leave, "What? I'm sorry is 22 songs not good enough for you all?" He again was funny at paradise, riffing on CVS, Old Women, and Boston. The material from the new album came alive this show. Songs like One Postcard Today sound much better live than on record. The all star jam at the end of the show to Since U Bee Gone was a perfect ending, even if Elliott and Tom were hoping for Dancin' in the Dark. The last photo proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the reason he can tour so hard for so long is that he is in fact a robot.

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