Saturday, March 22, 2014

Warm Soda

Warm Soda played Denver's Lions Lair on Thursday March 20. Ned Garthe and Big Tits opened the show.

Show started off with Ned Garthe who were pretty hysterical. They played solid garage pop, but the guys kept the jokes and silliness coming. The perfect intro to the show.

Big Tits are a side project of Warm Soda. The guitarist, pretty sure it was the guitarist, of Warm Soda fronts Big Tits and they play a little more debauched version of the same speed up, stoned out power pop that Warm Soda plays. Big Tits didn't have too many songs, but the singer ran all of the place and got the crowd into.

Where Big Tits had fewer sloppier songs, Warm Soda came with polished songs and were pros. All of the sugary, carbonation on the records really comes alive in person. The band was tight and the songs were excellent. The kids at the show went nuts for it, dancing like lunatics the entire set.

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