Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen played the Larimer Lounge in Denver last night.

Cian Nugent opened the show. I had not heard him before and was very surprised by what I heard. Nugent was playing something akin to Indian Ragas on an acoustic guitar. I was totally floored by the sound and vibe. He switched over to electric and played a couple covers to close out his set. He was easily the best musical discovery since Jessica Pratt.

Olsen played with a four piece band that helped flesh out the record. The new records garage sound came alive, but the band felt tightest and most impressive on older more folk songs. Olsen has a powerful voice that lends itself to the more freak folk styling of the first album. There were several slower songs that grabbed the audience by the lapels and did not let up until the conclusion.

Olsen has a sound and style that is certain to captivate audiences. I can not think of another artist that is doing anything like this. Angel Olsen has elements of Dum Dum Girls, Cat Power, and Patsy Cline, but is totally unique in her song writing and sound.

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