Saturday, September 28, 2013

Woods/The Fresh & Onlys/Jessica Pratt

Last night, 9/27, Woods played the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts with the Fresh & Onlys and Jessica Pratt.

Jessica Pratt opened the show. I unfortunately missed most of her set, only catching the last song. If you haven't yet, be sure to give her record a spin - lovely folk music.

The Fresh & Onlys were up next and put on an excellent show. They played the songs with a swagger that isn't totally seen on the records. The best way I can describe it is the sound you would imagine a love struck surf cowboy would have. I hadn't noticed how much the guitar parts were influenced by surf rock. Tim Cohen's rhythem guitar has a very simple strum pattern that almost feels like it came from a spaghetti western. When they brought up Jarvin Taveniere from Woods for the last couple songs things really kicked into high gear. "Waterfall" absolutely killed and was a signal for things to come.

Woods closed out the show and put on possibly the best performance I have seen all year. Where the Fresh & Only's and Real Estate had put on great performances by hanging back and letting everything mellow and meander along, Woods pushed the tempo and forced the action.  The opening song "Bend Beyond" became a krautrock anthem just exploding off the stage and take everyone with it. They played most of the hits, but it was the closer a new song jam that left everyone floored. It had a vibe similar to "Out on the Eye" or "September with Pete" and just leveled the room. I can not wait for the new album.

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