Friday, September 27, 2013

Real Estate/Free Time/Thee Rain Cat

Last night Real Estate played the Observatory in Orange County, Ca with Free Time and Thee Rain Cat's opening.

First up was Thee Rain Cats who I only caught the last song for. They are a new band out of orange county with a tape out on Burger. Check them out.

Next up was Free Time from New York city. This band sounds almost exactly like Galaxie 500, which to me is a great thing. Free Time had a very winding mellow sound - similar to Real Estate, but with a healthy dose of Australian rock. This is of no surprise given that Dion Nania is from Melbourne. Their set was relatively short, but totally enjoyable and they got everyone in the mood for Real Estate.

Real Estate was awesomely jammy and jangly. Martin was regaining his voice after being sick, so there was an extra emphasis on letting everything just ride and it totally worked. The band played a mix of the first and second albums along with a couple new tracks. The new songs were strong and signal another quality release from the New Jersey gentlemen.

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