Monday, October 8, 2012

Ty Segall - Twins (Album Review)

Got home from work on Monday to find the latest Ty Segall record, Twins,  in my Inbox. I proceded to listen to it three times in a row. It is absolutely incredible. Anyway, here is a track by track break down.

  1. Thank God for Sinners - Simple chords and rocking. Kind of reminds me of the Ty Segall band sound, but a little slower and less intense. Plus I like the guitar solo in this one, a fuzzy jam that will be heard in a thousand dive bars across the land.
  2. You're the Doctor - The most "punk rock" of the songs here, various parts of it remind me of "I Fought the Law" and the Buzzcocks. Still there is enough guitar theatrics to remind you Ty can really jam.
  3. Inside Your Heart - The first of what I like to think of open songs - the ones with the Voacls mixed above the guitars. Not bad, but this isn't my favorite style song. I prefer either the faster ones or the folk glam-y ones.
  4. The Hill - Early single and definitely has the best video featuring a guy doing a bong rip in a costume category locked up at the VMA's. Its a fun little song and definitely very reminiscent of the White Fence collab from earlier this year.
  5. Would You Be My Love - Straight up old school boogie. Classic Glam guitar line and drum beat. This thing is meant for High School hallway montages.
  6. Ghost - The longest - don't quote me on that, I am not acutally checking times - track and certainly the heaviest. This thing practically screams for bong rips and beers in parking lot. Having said that, its not my favorite. Its a good tune, but the one after it might actually be my pick of the album.
  7. They Told Me Too - This might be my favorite track of the album and definitely in the top ten of the year. Its not a complicated song, but it is so primal that you can not deny it. This is the sort of thing that people image when they think about the godless heathens in California with their drugs and rocknroll.
  8. Love Fuzz - Stupid amounts of swagger here. Totally classic rock guitar line and not cool classic rock, this is something ripped straight off late night infomercial on channel seven starting Peter Fona pretending he is still the dude from Easy Rider.
  9. Handglams - Slows it down a little and keeps in mellow for a minute. No screaming no crazy guitar shredding to start it off and then drops into a nice heavy groove. The kind of thing two brothers from Nashville might conjure up.
  10. Who Are You - Straight up Hendrix. Solid guitar work and some of the vocal tricks. A very fun and messy track.
  11. Gold on the Shore - Much more Goodbye Bread style tune. A little acoustic guitar and reverb vocals. A nice come down after a couple energetic songs.
  12. There is No Tomorrow - Totally reminiscent of the Ty Rex ep - "First Heart Mighty Dawn Dart" specifically. Definitely a good track to close on. A little glam guitar and thickness to end a quick album that went all over the place in the best possible way.
So it was a relatively quick, easy album capping off an incredible year. This release blanaces the heaviness and aggression of Slaughterhouse with the fuzzy pysch loopiness of Hair. It is certianly the easiest to listen to all the way through and probably the record that you will return to most often.

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