Friday, April 25, 2014

Temples & Drowners @ Bluebird Theater April 22

Temples and Drowners played Denver's Bluebird Theater on Tuesday April 22.

Drowners opened the show. The band plays a brand of UK rock that instantly recalls early 2000'sm bands like Arctic Monkeys, Strokes, and Libertines. Their songs are incredibly enjoyable and catchy. If you ever found yourself buying Mando Diao or Supergrass import b-sides definitely check these guys out.

Temples followed up with a fun set of swirling psychedelic 60's inspired rock. The songs on the album feel a little thin, but live the bass and drums really hold down the songs and let the guitars take off. My personal favorite was a jammed out, slightly heavier version of "Ankh". Temples have earned numerous comparisons to Tame Impala and this is understandable, but not quite accurate. Tame Impala go for slightly weirder and prefer a 70's style arena psychedelic rock. While Temples are mining the always fertile 60' UK scene for inspiration. This leads to pop-y song structures and shorter run times on record.

Live the bands are equals. Both like to stretch out song lengths and let the song ride. The extra low end really helps the songs stay front and center. I hope on the next album that Temples are able to capture the magic of their live show on record. Definitely check them out if you get the chance, everything really comes alive in person!

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