Friday, November 8, 2013

Diane Coffee

Some mornings you need a little folk, psych jam on your way to the office. 2013 has been very good for those mornings with great new albums/singles from Woods, Fresh & Onlys, Foxygen, MGMT, and now Diane Coffee. Diane Coffee is the new project of Foxygen drummer Shaun Flemming.

Diane Coffee has a very 60's vibe with lush orchestration and ballad tempos. This is the kind of thing that would imagine soundtracking a lot of star crossed star children's first dates. "Gov T" sounds like a long lost collaboration between the Byrds and CCR. "Hymn" has a couple fun tempo changes throughout the song, going from choir backed ballad into Chuck Berry inspired Rock n Roll and back again. Diane Coffee's debut album, My Friend Fish, is out now on Western Vinyl.

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