Friday, June 15, 2012

Nick Waterhouse

Confession - I have meant to write this post for at least five months and shamefully I have not done it. I went to see Nick Waterhouse months ago, but none of the photos came out looking like anything and I had just started my job, so I lost track of it. This isn't an adequate reason, but it's all I got. Really it's a shame because Nick Waterhouse is one of the best new musicians I have seen in the last five years.

He has a sounds that clearly has a lot of influences, but never sounds derivative or a straight copy. His dirty funk sound never goes out of style. His music is the kind that will sound fresh and fun thirty years from now, just as it would have fit in thirty years ago. Live, Waterhouse commands the stage. He keeps the energy up and people interested. He also has a Bar-Kay's tight backing band - including, when I saw him, soul legend Ira Raibone. Enjoy the tunes!

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