Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Live: Frankie Rose & Dive

Last Thursday, 4/18, Frankie Rose and Dive performed at the Soda Bar in San Diego. Check out the review after the jump!

I had heard a couple Dive songs before the show, but other than "How Long Have You Known?" I largely ignored Dive as generic shoegaze influenced pop. I thought that they were a band which had a couple good songs, but everything began to blend together after four songs. This definitely did not happen live. The band was tight and muscular really bringing the songs to life. The added bass really brought everything to life. I am definitely interested in hearing the new album.

Frankie Roses set was troubled by sound problems and late start time on a wednesday night. Louder thicker sound was absolutely fantastic for older songs like "Candy", sounding like classic Cramps, but didn't quite work for songs from the new album. Songs like "Know Me" and "Night Swim" have a nice light synth pop feel, which didn't quite pop with the added fuzz and buzz. The delicate synth pop of the last album needed more synth and less guitar. Frankie Rose is absolutely masterful at commanding a crowd. Even though the crowd seemed tired and uninterested in dancing, she got people to move a little for the last couple songs - thanks largely to a joke about Xanax and her father. Ultimately, the set was fantastic and it would be great to see her again some place with a better sound.

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