Thursday, March 22, 2012

Live: Ganglians

Last night I saw Ganglians, G Green, Vyper Skwad, and Teenage Burrito at the Til Two club in San Diego. Check out more after the jump.

 Definitely a fun show and I am really impressed with the local bands in SD. Both Vyper Skwad and Teenage Burrito put on energetic shows with buzzsaw, lo-fi pop songs.  Really wish I could put their songs up on the blog, but can't find any. Sacramento's G. Green also put on a hell of a show and released some high quality jams.

Ganglians put on a solid show last night, despite some technical difficulties. Ganglians lo-fi psych sound really fills out live, becoming a little more muscular and forceful. Songs like "Jungle" and "My House" really pop and force you to move. They also played a couple new songs - the new tracks were awesome, very excited for them to be released. My only real complaint was that Ganglians had a rather short set and never played "Drop the Act", but these things happen. Check out more photos below.


Teenage Burrito

Vyper Skwad

G. Green

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