Thursday, November 18, 2010


heRobust is a young producer out of Atlanta, Ga and he is ridiculously talented. His beats combine the best of electronic, hip hop, and various strains of bass music. I really can not praise his music enough, check the interview below and tracks at the end.

What are your inspirations and goals for your beats? Do you hope people will rhyme over them, are they just little stories that come out in your head, is just something you do cause you love making beats?

Everybody gets that feeling when they discover a new artist with some crazy unheard-of style. Like your just completely dilated, taking it in. I love that... Its what keeps me growing as a producer. So I guess the goal is to help others grow like that. I want to give other people that feeling.

As for inspiration, its mainly music itself. I used to produce hip hop growing up, and got sucked into electronica via Prefuse73, Squarepusher, Chris Clark (now known as Clark), etc... If I go too long without hearing some new, groundbreaking stuff, I start to get kind of deflated. But as soon as I find that next level-up stuff, its on! I didnt realize it until I wrote it out, but that sounds like an addiction.

Do I hope people rhyme on it? I guess. Whatever people do to enjoy music, I hope they do that. And yeah, I do it because I love it. When Im excited about some track I got in the works, Im just happier in general. Im certain I'l continue to produce for the rest of my life.

How would you classify your music? I know that no artists wants to be confined by a genre, but I have trouble describing your tunes. There is serious funk, some wonky-dubstep-y stuff, hip-hop all blended into one big mix.

My beats are definitely rooted in hip hop, but its a little more bugged out that that. I throw in enough glitches and bleeps to fit in with the electronica beats crowd. The most consistent aspects of my current tracks are the slow tempos and soulful chord progressions I use. The resulting sound is like a dense sludge bleep soul.

Who are your inspirations? I can hear similarities between you and guys like Flying Lotus, Gold Panda, even the neptunes, but you still maintain your own unique flair.

The artists that inspire me the most are the pioneers. The ones who go out on a limb and show people something new. Like I said before, I owe a lot to Prefuse73. His album, One Word Extinguisher, got me into electronica single handedly. More recent artists include James Blake, Paul White, and Leonard Dstroy. Dstroy actually reached out to me after hearing some heRobust tracks on 92bpm and we've been collaborating ever since. I listen to a wide variety of music though, and there are some serious lo fi dudes out there who will expand your mind. Try C Powers, Jar Moff, or Dem Hunger. Its a grimier, more obscure sound, but its all about charting new territories to me.

What is Atlanta's scene like? Obviously Atlanta is a mecca for Hip-hop, but less has been made about its beat scene. When I think about US music like yours I instantly think of LA (I am originally from southern california) and then about NY, does Atlanta have a pretty strong scene?

Honestly, beats haven't quite caught on yet in Atlanta GA. Its pretty lonely out here for producers like myself. That being said, Im pretty optimistic about the future. Groups like pnuma trio and STS9 have exposed a lot of people to electronica, and fans have slowly made the transition to glitch and dubstep. Im hoping beat beats will be next.

shawty swing my way (BUSTED) by heRobust

Boss frog by heRobust

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