Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reading Rainbow

The awesomeness of Reading Rainbow should not be overstated. Besides for having a fantastic name, they put out great buzzsaw pop. They make the type of doo-wop fuzz punk that I love. Check out the interview below.

What is on the horizon for Reading Rainbow?

We just finished our 7" recordings for the second round of the HoZac Hookup Klub, and we are wrapping up recording for our full length album also coming out on HoZac this Fall. We pretty much just want to keep writing and recording more songs and play lots more shows.

Any plans for a tour anytime soon?

We are doing a mini-east coast tour with Woven Bones in July, and then we gotta tour this Fall to promote the album, which we are stooooked about!

You all about to release an album, how is that going? What can we expect from it?

We recorded 12 songs in a weekend last February, but since then we have changed our minds about the tracklist. So we are going to finish recording a few more songs at the end of this month and tweak some things. We are really looking forward to an upgrade in quality, since we are recording this album with The Magic Twig Community in Roanoke, VA. They have a super nice set up. It's still analog though! We used to (and still do) record ourselves on ree-to-reel.

Whats the philly scene like? Part of what I like about blogs is that you get to learn about regional scenes that you wouldn't get exposure to normally. Are there any bands that you are really stoked about? I know philly has a pretty cool beat/electronic scene, have you heard any of that?

We don't know anything about the beat/electronic scene, but there's tons of bands in Philly. We live in a part of Philly with a ton of venues and it rules. U.S. Girls, and The Spooks are our bros.

The band has a kinda lo-fi punk sound mixed with dual harmonies, how did you all come up with that? I really like how up tempo the songs are, do you find it easier to write faster songs? What bands do you look to for inspiration for the sound or style?

We arrived upon the whole "lo-fi" thing as a result of recording things ourselves. Rob was in a band years ago and they recorded on an 8 channel reel-to-reel and those songs were scuzzy as shit! (They sounded really tight though) He also recorded his solo project Sprained Ankles that way right before we started Reading Rainbow. Like we said above though, We are really looking forward to an upgrade in our sound. It's true that we like the aesthetic of things sounding muddy and fuzzy. But it's even more important to hear everything! So we're keeping some fuzz for the viiibe most definitely.

With a 2 person band, we try to be as full sounding as possible, so one way to achieve that is by singing in harmonies. As for the punk thing, thats just how we do. we punk as fuuuuuuck. haha! But we don't just have fast songs. There's a lot of variety on our full length album "Mystical Participation". (there's also a super chilled-out "Stephanie Says" " VU cover on the b-side to our Restless 7") We love bands like The Velvet Underground, The Ramones, DEVO, The Urinals, Sun Ra, The Beatles, Everly Brothers, Smokey Robinson, Nirvana, Wire...

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